Saturday, December 08, 2007

Some new toys, but otherwise not much progress

Yes, that's right, that's my new wacom intuos3 - a graphics tablet. And it is a BIG ONE! (A4 size - the active part in the centre). In case you don't know what these are for, it's like a cross between a mouse and an draw with the pen on the right and your little marks will appear magically on your screen. I've been wanting one for about 18 months, but fully expected it to be a 6 x 8 in, until I had a wonderful windfall a couple of weeks ago. (I own a very few shares in Coles Myer which I inherited from my great-aunt. Coles was taken over a few weeks ago and hey presto, as well as shares in the new company, $$$s appeared in my bank account....don't worry, I've told Centrelink.)
Anyway, this little beauty arrived yesterday and I am still working it out. I've got the software uploaded etc, but the pen operates very differently from a mouse and I'm not finding the adjustment is automatic. I suspect the proprioception in my arms (that's the position sense) has been affected by CFS, but hopefully with time I will get the hang of it. I'm not prepared to give you a demo just yet, but when I produce something I'm happy with you'll be the first to know.
The other piece of equipment/tool/toy I've bought myself (well Christmas is coming up!) is a Print Gocco. I don't know if you are familiar with this, but it is basically a unit that allows you to make your own (smallish) screens for screen printing. They're made in Japan and there are inks for paper, fabric and clay (he!he!). I've been wanting one of these for about 5 years, ever since a friend lent me hers to play with. They aren't cheap, so I've always hesitated, especially when I heard they may cease production. Then I heard there is an Australian supplier and at least out here, there's no problem with continuing supply, so I bit the bullet. So far I've only opened the box and looked at all the bits, but hopefully I'll get a chance to give it a whirl soon. If you'd like to see a little of what you can do with a gocco, check out Shu-Ju Wang's artists books.
Otherwise the week has been slow. It kicked off with a migraine, interrupting my plans for a get-together with feffakookan, and it really stayed in the slow lane. Also, I've had some news about my masters that has left me rather up in the air. Since I first enrolled, the course has been upgraded and an extra subject added. This means I now have to enrol in both semesters in 2008, but I don't know what I actually have to do work-wise....or how I'll do it from Brisbane. I'm waiting for the course coordinator to get back to me...


  1. oooh you lucky thing, I'd love a tablet, I'm jealous! ;)

    good on you for treating yourself, you deserve it.

  2. hi amanda
    thanks so much for your comments and your well wishes for Lucy. Still no word back, dreamt about her all night long.

    i'm mucho jealous of your graphics tablet, been wanting one since i left college but kept waiting for the prices to come down, they never did though! that said, the quality is better. sigh. one day.

    still amazed that i've lived without even a printer or scanner for the last 5 years. not ideal but i suppose it forces me to be more inventive.

    your work is fabulous, and i am always inspired by others living with cfs that still maintain a creative life. your work is great, i hope your study problems for 2008 can work out for you.

    when i had cfs first time round i had to get myself locked in college at night so i could work in the quiet and sleep in the day more. and i was fortunate to have a head of department who's uncle had M.E. so he was very understanding about it. the things we do in the name of our art :0)

    best wishes for your energy levels over the holidays, i know it's a tough time but hopefully also one with treats and pleasures for you.

  3. Thanks Sonya, that's just what I need to hear to ease the guilt!

    Cally: thanks for your lovely long comment. I cannot imagine managing without a printer, but you are right, I'm sure it just means you have to be more creative.

    Thanks for your lovely compliment about your work. I think your work is divine - so I am very chuffed that you like mine.

    I have often thought of working at night when I am in an insomniac-phase but I've been a bit scared it would totally stuff up my sleep rhythms. I can't decide. Maybe it would be better to just go with it. I'd be interested to hear how it worked for you...

  4. Santa Claus obviously came early for you.

    I love my tablet --only a little one compared to yours but size isn't everything you know !

    Oh and a Gocco too. I'd love one of those but they're rare as hens' teeth here with no suppliers and soooo expensive.

    How much was yours if you don't mind me asking ?

    Let us know how you get on.

  5. hi amanda, thanks for your comment on my blog. i'm really interested to see how things go with the tablet, i've always wanted one...keep us posted!

  6. There’s an award for you over at mine. Come and pick it up ;-)

  7. Do you still feel like a pig on skates? I did some Photoshop course with Janee ( and she says you just have to put your mouse away for at least three days and use the pen. I did that and it helped a lot. Mostly I only use my tablet when I use Painter, although for some things in Photoshop. Glad I've got it though.

  8. Hi Wendy, A pig on skates - yep, that is just about perfect. Actually I think I'd improved to feeling like an elephant in clown shoes but I had a bit of a silly set-up ergonomically and ended up with a strained muscle in my shoulder girdle. It was very painful and I have put it away for a few weeks rest. I think I will stick to using it for art, and use the mouse for everyday "clicking", but I will give the 3-day thing a go soon.