Thursday, November 29, 2007

Poll Results In

From the Rubbere Figures site:
(without permission but with no mal-intent)

It's about a month since my little blog survey closed, and it is terribly slack of me not to have made some comment before now. First of all, I want to thank every one who voted and/or emailed or left comments for me. If you missed the survey, you can see the original post here.

Rather like the recent Australian federal election, the results were overwhelming. Another "Ruddslide", as they are now known out here.

And the readers resoundingly voted to keep the blog as it is... 84% in favour, 15% against...(hmm, not sure what happened to that missing 1%??) That is, not to separate out the cfs-related posts from the art ones. I really thought it would be much closer.

Of course, unlike Australian elections, it wasn't compulsory to vote. In fact, there were a little over a dozen respondents. I was a bit surprised by that as according to my stats, I get that many hits daily, so really, very few visitors voted. I'm not sure what this means, but maybe people strongly feel that what you do with your blog is your own business, and not for them to comment on??

Everyone who wrote to me was so wonderfully warm and caring, and I have never felt more accepted for who I am than your replies made me feel. I have really come to feel part of an online community and when I am too unwell to see my friends locally, or to participate in all that socialising entails, the true value of my virtual friends is at its most sustaining.

There were lots of pearls of wisdom in your comments and I recommend you take a look here to see more. However there were three things that cusp said that made me think, and I hope she won't mind me repeating them, because they can apply to anyone.

1. You are as you are now.

2. You cannot live your life waiting for... (in my case, my health to improve).

3. You have to have dreams.

The other point, which was raised by both PWCFS and those lucky devils who are healthy, was that it does the world at large a lot of good to hear about life with a chronic illness (and if this information was separated off into another blog, they might not bother to follow it up). So anyway, thanks again to everyone who "played" - I really enjoyed hearing your thoughts!


  1. Heh Amanda, I'm really happy and honoured if any of my waffling thoughts helped. Take care

  2. Hello Amanda, Typically..I completely missed your poll ...and I would have voted for you to keep writing your blog the way you have been, just as yourself. The you that are unique and very human...thats what I like about you.

    Though I would let you know that, this was something I also pondered on, and you have inspired me to mention my chronic pain in my blog, along with everything else I get up to........ although I try not to mention it too much as it will get me down - never mind anyone else!!!

    best wishes


  3. Thanks cusp, I didn't find your thoughts "waffling" at all, and yes, they did help!

    Hi Ainesse,
    For some reason your comment didn't come through to me, I just stumbled across it...must be a change in the blogger system, I think.
    I agree, "including" some of your health issues is different from mentioning every little ache and symptom. I couldn't bear to focus my attention on it to that extent, either.