Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Self Portraits - finally in progress

I have been wanting to get to my blog for days now, but things just seem to be getting in the way. This is just a brief update to post some photos of my Self Portrait piece as it is in-progress.
I started on this work months ago and this is my first attempt at putting all the pieces together in a studio space and assessing how they are working.
Day 1
These pictures show the first stages of the work, which is one which involves allowing a particular process to occur in the gallery (if it gets that far). Above is the first day: a self portrait made from wet clay and an inkjet print.
Day 2
This image shows day 2, with the clay cracking and the print fading.
The work will be followed day by day to document the process it undergoes. Originally I intended to simply contrast the active process of the clay portrait with the stable, preservation of the waxed portrait (see here). Now I can see that documenting the entire process and perhaps binding it into a book would be a better option.
I have also done some digital photos of the clay process as you saw here.

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