Sunday, August 26, 2007

Can you believe...

...I'm still working on this book? (Like Weather)

(inside front cover)

It is so close to finished. In fact, it is finished, apart from the actual printing and construction. The custom colour profiling has worked well, although I have changed my choice of paper. The feedback I received from people was that they really liked the texture of the mock-up, seen here (if you enlarge). The Hahnemuhle photo rag I had chosen is a beautiful paper, but it has a soft, smooth finish. The mock-up was made with Canson 100, a double sided water-colour paper. Coating this with Inkaid, an inkjet pre-coat I mentioned in earlier posts, allows me to achieve richer colours, while keeping the texture.

The difficulty I am having now is getting the pre-coat on evenly. This is only really a problem when you print large expanses of a single colour, and is especially evident on the pages with text which are backed with navy. I really hope I can perfect my technique or I'm going to have to change papers....

As you can tell by the lack of blog posts, progress with my masters work is very slow. I just have not been well enough to really get a flow going, and according to my calculations I am about 2 weeks behind. I have not managed to get any more of my proposal written, although the self portrait in wax (seen here) is back from framing, and looks really good.

This week I "plan" (you know what my plans are like...) to get into my ceramics studio (aka the garage) and set up this installation. It should be fun to finally put all the components together as I have them visualised and see what else needs to be done. Stay tuned....

(inside back cover)


  1. Creativity takes time you know, you can't rush these things ;)

  2. I know, I know! But patience isn't always my best attribute!

  3. Wow, your banner looks beautiful! All that hard work, your perseverance have paid off brilliantly. There is a sense of mystery to your installation that is still tangible here. And thanks for sharing your blogger-help blogs, will have a look myself one of these days, when I feel highly energetic.
    I really like your inside-covers too. There’s a sense of stillness in the images (and in the floating line ‘Buddhists believe…’) that is maintained and interrupted in the next image. Strangely the word ‘emotions’ here makes me think of things teeming, bubbling, rising, maybe exploding, of things fleshy and violently red, for a while I seem to be led straight to the opposite of Buddhist thought, and then I come back to the calmness of the blue sky and expanse of space… I guess for me one always contains the other, stillness holds in itself violent motion and violent motion holds stillness, and both hold all the gradations in-between. I realise I’m not expressing this very clearly, I’m grasping for something as I’ve felt for a while that thinking in opposites is not productive.
    I am so glad you’re managing to work on your project, maybe not as much and as energetically as you’d like maybe, but it looks like it’s coming together beautifully.