Sunday, February 18, 2007

Self portraits update - more advice needed...

I want to thank all the people who took the time to leave comments or email me personally to give me some feedback on the self portraits I am working on. It was incredibly helpful and really helped me to fill in the gap that working off campus creates.

I have done a few more tests, and am posting a few more images here. One thing that came up was the idea of at least seeing some facial features in the portrait with clay. Rather than working just with layer opacity I decided to try splitting the face, as you can see on the left. I actually had a lot of fun playing with this in photoshop and trying to achieve some sense of 3-D. Of course, working with real clay and projections would look rather different. Again I would appreciate people's opinions on this. Already my husband has said it reminds him of Phantom of the Opera, which isn't an association I really want.

This is an attempt at simply using a figure and embedding that in wax. To me this lacks the emotional strength of the actual face. What do you think?

In this piece I am exploring the use of the square in place of a figure. I think this speaks mostly about the materials and loses most of the sense of preservation or embalming associated with a human being in wax. I do love the way the fibres in the paper are visible - it looks like hair when held up to the light - and suggests some new directions to follow in the future.


  1. Anonymous6:29 PM

    Love all your art Amanda and the experiments you're doing are very exciting. May i make a small suggestion? Try cropping the top of the head off when doing close-ups of a head/face. Maybe the 2 negative spaces left will make a more pleasing composition...only a try-out will tell.

  2. I really love the figure embedded in the wax - it is just as powerful an image - pretty perfect in fact.

  3. Anon & Feltbug: Thanks to both of you for your comments and suggestions. I will definitely give that a try - thanks.