Tuesday, February 28, 2006

I'm learning printmaking

I've signed up for my first online art course. It's a 6 week "Introduction to Printmaking for the Home Studio" and it's run byKristi Shueler of "Designedly, Kristi". http://www.designedlykristi.com/

I have always loved the little printmaking I did (linoprints and monoprints) but would like to take it a bit further without the commitment to big and expensive equipment.

I love the look of a print - the transfered line has so much texture and fragility in comparison to a line which is simply drawn. I've included a linoprint I did 6 years ago at college as a basline and it will be interesting to see what new skills I learn and how my printmaking develops.

I am also interested to see how I find doing a course online. I think it will work well for me as the timing will be quite flexible, although sometimes I get a bit frustrated if I am being directed to make work that doesn't really interest me. I guess the challenge is for me to be creative with the activities and learn to adapt and use the techniques for my own purposes. I can be a bit afraid of letting go and revealing my own direction, in case it doesn't work (and often it doesn't the first time) but an online course is a pretty safe context - after all you don't have to post any images that don't please you.

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  1. I love this print. How did your class go? Looks like a good start.