Monday, July 16, 2012

Amblings #10: Last Days in Paris - St Germain des Pres

Tomorrow is our last full day in Paris and on Tuesday we begin the long journey home. For our last few days we decided to try out the Left Bank, i.e. the left side of the river Seine. (The Marais, where we've stayed before, is on the Right Bank).

So before we leave I'll try to capture a taste of the sights and sounds of this area.

listen to ‘St Germain des Pres’ on Audioboo

This is the bell tower of Saint Sulpice viewed from the window of our entry hall.

We are staying in the street to the right, just out of view. In the centre that's Saint Sulpice seen from Rue Mabillon. I don't really think the photo really shows you the way it looms there, like a giant at the end of the street.  

Les Deux Magots

One Magot (above)

                                                                     Two Magots (above)


You can just spot the accordianist in the beret near the cars.

Un bistrot

And a glimpse into another world. (click to enlarge)

Au Revoir Paris!


  1. I know exactly where you are! Lots of fond and funny memories came while I listened to your recording. Have a safe trip back home and you know... you'll always have Paris :)

  2. I found your blog by looking around in the web and I love how you are catching the sound of Paris. I´ve been there for 4 weeks just two weeks ago and it was a nice remembrance. On my blog there are a lot of photos about our stay in Paris.