Monday, January 23, 2012




Last Thursday I was delighted to meet long-time blog friend and Book*Art*Object colleague, Carol.

I don’t remember how we first came in contact, but I know that it was before the days of BAO, through our mutual love of books. Carol is a retired bookbinder who blogs at Barnacle Goose Paperworks, when she’s not travelling and visiting friends that is!

Carol was in Brisbane visiting fellow-bookbinder Leone, who has just moved here recently. We spent a hot but lovely afternoon at Mt Coot-tha Botanical Gardens, and when we weren’t spotting sculptures of native animals (some very realistic) there was rather a lot of artists book talk!


When I got home, I found that “someone had been sleeping in my bed” or more accurately – reproducing in my pond! There were rather a lot of these little eggs floating on the water surface. But I’m not sure who, or rather what has laid them. Can you help?

I know it isn’t a toad, because toad’s eggs don’t look like that, but is it a frog? I have seen green frogs around this year for the first time in many.

The other possibility is that they are snail eggs. We have some rather lovely largish gold coloured snails, I believe they are known as Mystery Snails or Apple Snails. The trouble is that these eggs don’t look like any of the pictures I’ve seen online.

Unfortunately, it may all be rather academic, as the goldfish in the pond are finding them delicious! That said, everyday since Thursday I have found more eggs have been produced, so “whoever” is laying them, isn’t giving up easily!

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  1. Amanda, it was lovely to have a face-to-face meeting at last. I'm home at last, 5.30 am this morning but only here for a couple of days then off again. I must go back to my posts of the past week and add some links. I just can't figure out how to do it on the iPad/iPhone. I'll be in touch. xox