Monday, October 04, 2010

Hannah Bertram in Melbourne

If you’re in Melbourne before October 16th, be sure to get along and see Hannah’s latest works at Dianne Tanzer Gallery. The show is the culmination of her project for 2010, The Silence of Becoming and Disappearing. 

Hannah Bertram 

Work by Hannah Bertram

If you can’t make it to the gallery, you can see the photos of the sublime works Hannah made in private homes throughout the year on her website.


  1. Wow! Love Hannah's work: I'd seen some images before but hadn't tied them to a name. Sara x

  2. I love hannah's work - I wish I could visit the exhibition.... will have to make do with the link you've provided (thanks amanda!)

  3. Great link Amanda. I'd love to see these in situ. What a wonderful idea, really ephemeral art.

  4. Yes it is beautiful work - and I'm not biased at all, even tho' Hannah and I are friends from RMIT!!!