Saturday, September 11, 2010

September Scribbles Week 2

I returned to my first attempts with the pipette with a white pen, a Uniball Signo, that I bought maybe a year ago from Amazing Papers.

I really enjoy the look of the white line and devoted a lot of time this week to trying out different ideas with it.

These pages from my visual journal are posted in the order they were created.




Below: Ink, coloured pencil, pen


I bought myself an inexpensive calligraphy pen which came with three different nibs, and tested out my new sepia calligraphy ink (below)



Above: Calligraphy ink on vellum, monoprint on perspex, which you might recognize from here.


Above: Calligraphy ink with brushes.

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  1. Hi Amanda

    your comment to my last post must have been inserted the minute i finished posting - which took far longer to do and I had even typed the notes out before I went to the actual blog. Mind you then I started blathering about other stuff and linking to previous posts. Of course then I was thinking to myself I wonder which plate Amanda means but.......

    Anyway it's nice to see you doing this very free stuff and the stuff you did in that other post YOU linked back to .

    I love working in white on black I think I mentioned that in a previous post about making my lino print with the figure and the elk which is divided into 2 plates. you may or may not have seen it.

    These are very nice indeed. Couldn't help wondering what you meant about the pipette?.
    Perhaps you were trying out using the white ink in a pipette at the same time as applying the ink with a pen although I looked at the link to the paper shop you mentioned and the pen you mentioned was a sealed pen.
    better get off to bed now I have been trying to tidy up my studio today - its small and I am always pressed for space so I have been trying to get rid of things that I am not going to use or that have gone off (eg old tins of oil paint etc) so as to make space on my shelves to put the many things that clutter the work surfaces.
    Keep well and don't work too hard.

    best wishes