Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Day 17: The yellow house

The yellow house: AWatson-Will

A lovely example of traditional Queensland architecture.

I’m thinking of making a long-term series along the lines of “In my street” or “In my suburb”. This would obviously be a part of that.


  1. I love this style when I've seen i on TV...seems to be very typically Australian. Is it 1920s ?

  2. I've got a soft spot for little weatherboard structures (well I would! I live in a very old little weatherboard place!)- I like the yellow....very 'queensland'!

  3. Pretty house! A series would be a nice thing to do and you could then turn it into a beautiful book.

  4. Thanks for your comments!
    Cusp - yes, it would be roughly 1920s. Could be a wee bit earlier or later. It is very typical of northern Australia. Certain features distinguish it as from Queensland, although there are similar styles elsewhere. This is kind of middle of the range - there are more humble examples, so-called workers cottages, as well as much grander ones with verandas on 3 or 4 sides to catch the breezes. I'll post more examples soon!

    Yes I agree ronnie, there's nothing like a weatherboard home, although they are freezing in winter, and this particular style is stinking hot in summer! Brilliant design, hey?

    Ooh! yes! a book is a nice idea, Carol.Hmmmm....(think, think, think)