Thursday, February 12, 2009

Swapping art

Recently I completed my first art swap. Before Christmas I joined a group on Flickr called Art Swappers (sadly now defunct). The group was pretty small, less than 20 members, and we were all paired up, given a theme, a few guidelines and a deadline. I was pretty excited about participating in a swap and I thought it would be good to organise to do something pretty low-key but art-related after finishing my studies.

Works had to be small (10" x 8" at most) and the theme was "relation to other". We also had to include some green. In the end I decided to work on some of the photos I took on my trip earlier last year as I am keen to explore some of that imagery as a basis for a variety of types of printmaking. Here's the finished result (below). I took the original image the at Avebury Circle in Wiltshire, England.

The Heat of the Day

I was paired with Craig Moser, uihero who hails from Tex-Ass, as he says. He's an abstract painter and I'm currently a bit obsessed with abstraction, so I was delighted to find he was my swap-mate. Here's his painting (below) which I am now proudly displaying on my studio wall. I'm planning to have it framed as soon as I can.

Unfortunately in the photo you can't see the incredible detail in the layering of colour - it really is beautiful. But you might like to check out some more of Craig's paintings on Flickr.

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  1. Wow, he's a very accomplished painter - isn't he! How lucky you were.