Tuesday, December 30, 2008

RMIT MFA Online Catalogue/Website

At the end of each year, RMIT University usually produces a small soft cover catalogue to display the works of their post-graduates. I remember they were handed out at the commencement of each academic year, and I really enjoyed looking through them and reading both the artists statements and the CVs. It was interesting to see the wide range of experience that people brought to the course, some straight from school, through the TAFE system, an undergraduate degree and on to this masters, while others had spent a decade or more out in the "real world" before "something" drew them to this particular course.

I found all of that background inspiring and motivating. During that time, we had some candidates who had already established notable reputations, and I have to say that did make me feel honoured to have been accepted.

Anyway, for some reason which I missed hearing about, the old tradition of the hard copy catalogue has gone and this year an online catalogue was produced. This has benefits of course, inlcuding an online presence for those who don't already have one. We have also been able to include a greater number of images for each student, so the website does operate as somewhat of an online portfolio. Generally it's considered more enduring and professional, but I miss being able to flick through the images and stop at one that piques my interest to have a more detailed look.

Anyway, here is the link to the website (click on the image) - and please don't be put off by the annoying way you have to chase the words around (you'll see what I mean if you go there....but maybe I'm just showing my age). This year's MFA candidates created a varied and interesting body of work, and it is great that it is available online for anyone interested to check out.

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