Monday, August 11, 2008

Adding the decals

Thought you might be interested to see what the decals look like before they are fired...don't worry, they won't be yellow afterwards.

I fired them yesterday and now have to wait for the kiln to cool down. I have to admit I'm sending up frequent invocations to the kiln goddess - I'm feeling really quite stressed about it as this is my first decal firing. The application has to be done with great care to make sure that any air or water bubbles are removed. When I did the test firing I didn't manage it, so this time I took a lot more care but I still don't know how they'll turn out. I would usually do another test, but I'm running a bit short of time. Keep your fingers crossed for me!


  1. Fingers definitely crossed. Do you ever feel like an alchemist? Sounds like magic to me. Do hope it goes to plan.

  2. Oh thanks Carol! The kiln is down to 200deg C - still too hot to open, so I'm still waiting...yes, ceramics is definitely a very scientific art. I think that's why I felt I might be able to do it in the early days, coming from a science background. Now things have swung around and I'm more confident with the art-side because I don't turn out the quantity of work, and also because I'm always trying out techniques that are new to me.

  3. I love seeing your progress photos, it gives a new insight into your processes.
    So...dare I ask...did it go to plan?
    I do hope so.