Thursday, July 31, 2008

Progress: Mould Making

A few photos to show you how the mould-making is going. I finished the clay accordian form and here I'm building the surrounds, ready to pour the plaster. There's clay on the outside if the boards to stop leaks, and also between the form and the boards on the inside so the edges will be neat. That's the worst part in my opinion, as it's so fiddly to make it really smooth.

Here the form is fully surrounded. You'll notice I stuffed up slightly - I didn't put the boards together properly, so the last "wall" was too small for my boards. Never mind, I just used clay. In retrospect that might have worked better for all four sides because it was much easier to push the wall onto the form and make a neat join. I have seen clay walls collapse mid-pour....resulting in rapidly setting plaster all over the I usually go for the boards. I'll have to give this more thought if I end up doing more of these.

Below: the plaster leaks, YAY!

And the mould fresh out of the surrounds. You can see the end where the clay wall was - it's a bit wonky and has sharp edges, but they can be smoothed out. You can probably also see how untidy the sides are - that's where I used extra clay to join onto the boards. Tomorrow I'll do some cleaning up and take another picture. Hopefully it'll be a lot smoother and ready to go!


  1. This is so interesting Amanda. I'm still not sure what happens next so I hope you keep documenting it as well as you've done so far. I don't want to miss any of the steps.

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  3. Glad you're enjoying it Carol. Yes, I'll try to photograph the whole making process - I realize it's a bit different for people who don't work with clay.

  4. hi there Amanda

    just thought I would drop by and see what you are up to. You seem to pretty 'industrious' and very focused on your outcome which from what I understand from reading the post travels posts, is a concertina flag book made from porcalaine!! (sp !!??) How ambitious that is. I congratulate you on that but then as you say you are on the final phase of your Masters degree so that usually hones the activities of the mind and body. I hope that you stay "well" enough to cope with it, I imagine that you will manage it somehow.

    I am completely the opposite to you at the moment as I am finding it really difficult to pick up the threads from where I was before I had my health difficulties (makes it sound so trivial saying that) but anyway.
    take care and it has also been lovely seeing places such as Glengarrif mentioned in your blog ( my own home county).