Wednesday, May 07, 2008


Once upon a time a girl from Australia ventured far from her homeland, to country known for its green valleys and its leeks. One clear, cool afternoon the girl went for a walk on her own, taking her camera. She had not gone 50 metres from her door when she spotted a beautiful wood, and the ground within the wood looked as if it was covered with snow.

As she drew closer, she could see that the “snow” was actually flowers. Entranced, she walked to the wood, pushed open the wooden gate and entered into a sublime wonderland.

The Australian girl had never seen such a thing, but she was curious about the strange smell in the wood. Savoury, earthy, not exactly pleasant, but not really unpleasant either. She could not identify the odour.

She followed the paths through the flowers, taking photos in every direction.

Then she spotted a path that climbed up the hill, and thinking she might find a place to take a better photo from there, she began to climb. Through the trees ahead she could see something…a dark, square-ish form. She couldn’t be sure what it was, but she had to investigate.

At the top of the climb, the path led away to the left and then curved out of sight. Her curiosity building, she began to walk quickly. And then it appeared….a castle.

Now this is a story with a moral. There was a freezing wind near the castle, so the girl took only a couple of photos and decided to return the next day, bringing her traveling companions. When she returned, she became engrossed in the view, and trying to take a good shot of Mumbles from the hill, the girl turned her ankle and fell over. She tore her brand new pants, bruised her left knee and sprained her right ankle. So the lesson from this story is…never mind the view….always look where you are going!

P.S. The strange smell came from the flowers which were garlic!


  1. Oh, Amanda I'm so sorry your adventure ended badly but what a lovely story, and the photos are beautiful. Just imagine finding a castle like that - you can tell we're Australian girls, can't you? Such a different world from here. Keep enjoying it, and I hope your ankle repairs quickly.

  2. Great place isn't it ? I love the smell of wild garlic ..... much more delicate than the usual stuff. Does it not grow in Oz ?

  3. that looks so beautiful!! How lovely! shame about the ankle though...and the new pants...and the knee!!

  4. Ouch! sorry to hear about your injuries to yourself and to your new pants but look at the lovely photos you got! It was worth it, that castle is amazing, I'm so envious.

  5. Thanks to you all for keeping in touch.
    Carol:Oh yes, no castles to stumble across in Australia.
    Cusp: Well we have the regular garlic of course (in shops usually), but I've never seen wild garlic in Australia.
    Mel: yes it was like a wonderland, and just across from the sea - everything so close. In Australia, even if we had castles, all those things would be about a 1000kms apart!!
    Azirca: yes, now I've got the photos to open it's worth it - I took them in RAW and it took me about a week of intermittent and slow internet access to work out how to open them! I thought I wasn't going to be able to manage it at one point!

    Love and hugs to you all!