Saturday, March 01, 2008

More documentation: Wraith

Here are two more detail shots of my installation, Wraith. I was able to take much better photos this time because it was possible to walk into the space. The first time I showed the work it was on view from the street through a small port-hole. That provided 24 hour viewing but it was pretty difficult to photograph.

I promise I will write a bit about the process of installing and the work soon, but I've been racing around trying to tidy up the piles of junk throughout my house that always seem to accumulate when I have a show. I am pleased to report however, that my energy was really good while I was away in Melbourne and that now I've been back a week it feels safe to say that it doesn't seem as if I'm going to have a huge physical crash, like I usually do. Hurray!


  1. Amanda, thank you for your kind comment on my blog about my book. I take it as a great compliment, since I think your book work is wonderful.

    Congratulations on your show!


  2. Amanda, this is so interesting to watch the progression of your installation. Very pleased to hear you are feeling well after all that work. Will email some scans today. Carol

  3. Carol: Thanks for following my progress and also for your advice and help with this binding. I really appreciate it!

    Clara: Well, thank-you Clara! I think your book work is beautiful and I know I am very much an untrained interloper in the area of books, so your compliment means a lot to me.

  4. Beautiful. I love the color of the projection, that soft blue-green, and watching the clay dry and fall is fascinating. Wishing you continued energy and strength -- no crash!

  5. thanks for the input into the great trellis theft ponderings. Mr P plans to speak to them at the weekend so i'll update next week, if i'm sane enough to blog (will be in a packing frenzy for holiday on thursday).

    i'm also glad you commented because i'd lost my bookmark to your page. wonderful to arrive here and see your Wraith work! Congrats on the show, but also on not having an energy crash after - that's just as exciting isn't it.