Saturday, March 31, 2007

TJBookarts Windfall and other bookarts stuff

One of the things I love about getting home from a trip is going through the mail. Don't ask me why - usually most of it is bills, but this time I was lucky to have three parcels waiting for me!
Inside one was the booty above: a lovely windfall which I won simply by leaving a comment on Jackie Poutasse's website: TJBookarts. Her site has free tutorials and lots of sites of interest for anyone interested in book arts and paper-making. I first "met" Jackie on the yahoo book arts group and have found her extremely generous with her knowledge, and now also with these goodies. Over at TJBookarts, Jackie is celebrating the first birthday of the web site and offering a weekly prize draw. Its not too late to surf on over, check it out and put yourself in the draw. Jackie has also started up the Book Art Forum in the past few weeks and this looks likely to develop into a wonderful resource and space to chat.

The second parcel I opened contained the great book cover start above as well as this start for the "Library" from Jade Pegler. I am a huge admirer of Jade's artwork and feel honoured to be collaborating with her. If you are not familiar with "the Library", but you are interested in doing some collaborative art work which will be exhibited in New York! (YES! I said NEW YORK!) have a look at the Library group on Flickr and see if it is your kind of thing.

My final package was a gift to myself - the Penland Book of Handmade Books. I have been wanting this book for about 4 or 5 months, so when I saw one at a reasonable price on Amazon, I decided to treat myself. This book is full of a great range of inspirational book designs in the gallery sections as well as about ten detailed "how to" sections by established book artists. I love it!

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  1. Amanda that is so sweet, It's an honor to be collaborating with you, too!
    That Penland book is beautiful. My copy is well-read, you have reminded me to read it again, it has been a while.